Six Thing Saturday: blog launch edition

Every Saturday, we help supplement your weekend with a quick roundup of geeky things that have recently caught our eye. WARNING: They might not always have a rhyme or reason (Death Star soap? Do we need a reason?). 

The internet is a big, crazy place. Here are just a few of its gems.

Big Hero 6 cosplay
Prince Bride playing cards
DBZ fan-made movie
Jedi robe tutorial
Dalek earbuds
Making Wolverine claws
1. Out of this world Big Hero 6 cosplay
2. Princess Bride playing cards
3. Fanmade Dragonball Z movie
4. Jedi robe pattern
5. Dalek earbuds
6. Wolverine claws tutorial

Design of the Week: Mudder's Milk

What contains all the protein, vitamins, and carbs of your grandma's best turkey dinner, plus 15% alcohol?

You guessed it. The Hero of Canton's choice beverage, straight from the Canton Town Brewery on Higgin's Moon...Mudder's MilkShow some support for the hard-working Mudders under Magistrate Higgin's thumb and don this soft 100% cotton t-shirt in colors that harken to our beloved Serenity.

Don't forget, from now until April 1st, to celebrate our redesign, everything at is 25% off! Just enter the discount code "Spring" upon checkout. 

Movie review: Cinderella

Full disclaimer: this please-don't-make-me-take-off-my-sweatpants tomboy loves fairy tales.

And princess movies, and happy endings. I sometimes tune out the cloyingly sweet stuff - you know, when the fluff just gets awkward in its unbelievability - but for the most part, I'm a fan. Disney movies have been hit or miss for a while now, but I'm not presently going to get into where and why, or talk about hidden agendas, etc. It seems to me, when it comes to Disney's most recent adaption of Cinderella, people are emerging from their movie theaters either sighing dreamily or shaking their fists...

Design of the week: Jedi vs. Sith

Do you favor the light side of the Force...or the dark?

Fly your colors with our new Jedi and Sith code designs. These soft pre-shrunk cotton shirts are for everyone - apprentice, padawan, knight, master, or lord. Just try to pick a favorite.

(Just kidding. There is no try.)

Not sure where you allegiance lies? Take MoviePilot's Jedi vs. Sith quiz and tell us your result in the comments!

The Avengers countdown begins.

With just 38 days to go until Avengers: Age of Ultron hits the US, we at MyGeekery have been tossing our theories (some rooted in the comics, some simply the product of hopes and dreams and way too much investment of the characters of the MCU) back and forth with more and more slightly-crazed enthusiasm. It says something about Marvel (and the genius of Joss Whedon), that after a half-dozen TV spots and trailers and Odin knows how many veiled hints from AoU's cast and crew, a couple spoiler-sniffers like us still can't be 100% positive what's headed our way...

Wizard World Cleveland

On a very cold, snowy day in February, MyGeekery traveled just a few hours north to Cleveland, Ohio for the inaugural Wizard World Cleveland Comic Con held on February 20-22, 2015. This was our first trip to Cleveland, and it certainly didn't disappoint. By opening on Friday temperatures were below freezing...but that didn't stop the die-hard fans in Cleveland! Three-day passes were already sold out and the lines were huge! And again on Saturday, even with the few inches of fresh snowfall, there were long lines waiting to invade the show floor. We were blown away.

Picture from WizardWorldDigital
Since we were pressed for time and printing like madmen, we decided to take a lot of the same stock to Cleveland that we had turned out for Indianapolis the week before, with one exception: we printed a whole new collection of vinyl decals. We're glad we did; people really seemed to enjoy them, especially the Dragonball Z and Mass Effecgt ones. And we sold out of nearly every wall art design we took!

And no wonder...WW Cleveland also set a record for attendance at an inaugural Wizard World Show. Great Job Cleveland...we'll definitely be back in 2016!

Wizard World Indianapolis

Wizard World Indianapolis started on Friday the 13th of March.

Though not for that reason, we decided to switch up our layout and our inventory for the weekend. We print a good deal more than just t-shirts, but we find most people we meet at conventions are actually surprised to hear that we also make vinyl decals, posters and walls arts, and sell indie books and (occasionally) handmade accessories. So, for this con, we decided to pack some of our favorite wall arts and a mix of vinyl decals. We've been to a lot of WW cons now, and usually go for a corner booth. But in the spirit of mixing things up, this time, we went with a linear space.

It was different, but visitors to our booth seemed to enjoy that we actually had space for our decals and wall arts. You could see their creative wheels spinning as they tried to decide where they were going to put their new Gotham wall art, or their Fellowship one. The downside to bringing different stock was that we had to cut back on a few of our t-shirt designs...but overall, it was a fun change. As long as people leave the booth happy...we're happy!

The weekend was full of shenanigans per Wizard World usual. There were Quidditch tournaments  and demos with a few local teams...and Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy) even jumped in on Saturday afternoon's game and was the snitch of the century. A few of the girls from The Sisters Mischief stopped by in their cosplays, and tons of POP! vinyl figures were had by all.

All in all, another fun weekend down.