Interview: The Malice of Alice & Kelly is Nice Photography

Chances are, you've seen at least some of the pictures below. It could have been on Telegraph, Buzzfeed, or Bored Panda, to name just a few; Alice and her mom Kelly's beautiful creations make an unforgettable impression. While Alice brings the modeling and the acting (one look at her portfolio of chameleon expressions and you just know she's going places), Kelly brings her camera and her eye for the the beautiful, the whimsical, the soft and then sometimes dark. They're a powerful team, but you know what my favorite part is? Their art  - Alice's cosplay and Kelly's photography - is how they spend time together. 

If you don't know their family's whole story, check it out here. Then read on below the cut for our interview with Alice and Kelly!

C: We've read some of your family's story on your blog, but what was the first photoshoot you and Alice bonded over, and how did it come about?

Alice as Edward Scissorhands
K: The first planned cosplay was Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Two weeks after she moved in with us we passed a dress while shopping, and Alice commented on how it looked like a Dorothy dress. I suggested that we do a photo shoot, and she was totally up for it. It was the first time she'd really posed for my camera as a model, and it was amazing. She immediately got into character and threw off little poses left and right without having to be prompted. She didn't care that it was cold or super windy. She just became Dorothy.

C: How do you approach planning your next project? Do you two have a list of favorite characters you look forward to recreating, or do you just dive in as the inspiration hits you?

K: It's definitely a little of both. The Carrie cosplay was very impromptu. We were bored one evening and Alice asked me to take her picture. We already had fake blood and a tiara so we put it to use. Other shoots, like Joan of Arc, took a lot of planning. We spent weeks researching her history and handcrafting the costume and props. Alice read a book about her and we watched a couple of movies for inspiration. We wanted to cover her story from start to finish and accurately portray her as best we could. It was shot over several days and locations and was a lot of work but it's definitely one of my favorites. Joan of Arc is one of the most incredible women I've ever heard of. She was brave and touch not afraid to challenge the role that was expected of women. I see a lot of that in Alice and I wanted her to know that it's ok to be strong and be a girl.

Joan of Arc
C: Alice, if you two could take pictures as any character anywhere in the world, who and where would you pick?

A: I would love to be a zombie mermaid (like Ariel but zombie Ariel) and take pictures at night in a water tank.

C: Is modeling/acting something you would like to keep doing as you get older?

A: Yes! I want to be an actress like Chloe Grace Moretz and I want to be on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I really want to be on the cover of a magazine.

C: Kelly, we noticed from your blog that you do more "normal" photography too - family and senior portraits, etc. Do you like one type of shooting more than another?

Alice in Wonderland
K: Creative portraits are definitely my specialty and I'm fortunate that I have clients that let me dress them up and get a little adventurous with their family/senior/engagement shoots. I've had a lot more clients step out of the box after seeing the portraits Alice and I make. Most little kids play dress-up and make believe. What we're doing isn't anything new, it's just documented.

C: Do either of you have any tips for someone who wants to a model, but has trouble being comfortable in front of a camera? How do you, Alice, get into character, and how do you, Kelly, help direct her?

A: I think of myself like I'm the one acting in the movie and I do what the character does.

K: I don't direct her much on poses but I do help her understand what the character is feeling or trying to express. Once she understands the character she's really good at acting out their personality. From there, it's just little tweaks on her poses to frame the shot.

Wonder Woman
If I'd had room, I honestly could have shared all of Kelly's and Alice's creations - they're that beautiful. So be sure to check out this full list of ways you can follow them on their adventures:

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