Pre-con interview: Veron

For our final interview before the TBCC starts (who's ready?!), we're featuring Veron, a cosplayer, model, artist, and all-around talented gal (take one look at her 8 and 1 cosplay meme, and you'll see what I mean) with an eclectic portfolio to blow your mind.

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Pre-con interview: Moderately Okay Cosplay

Continuing our cosplayer spotlights leading up to Tampa Bay Comic Con, today we have a brief interview with John of Moderately Okay Cosplay. Don't trust the name; his cosplays are fun and fantastic...especially if you're a League of Legends fan!

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C: What was the first time you encountered cosplay, and what did you think of it at the time (versus how you think about it now)?

Photography by N/A Studio
J: The first time I encountered cosplay was in late 2012.  There was a character from League of Legends that I wanted to dress up as, but Halloween was about 10 months or so away.

So a friend of mine at the time said, "Hey, why don't you make this costume and we'll go to a convention?"

And I'm like, "Oh, like an anime convention?"  And, you know, I had never been to one before so I didn't really know what to expect, but I made my cosplay, and it was so terrible because I had no idea what I was doing.  And we got to the convention, which was a few weeks after and EVERYONE was stopping me for pictures so I was really ecstatic about it, it was definitely a really good first experience.

At the time I thought it was cool that I could dress up as anything I wanted to at any point of the year and not just have it reserved for Halloween, but now I think of cosplay more as paying homage to the characters I love and actually getting to become them.  I guess both are pretty good reasons to cosplay though!

C: How would you explain the convention experience to someone who has never been? What are your favorite parts, the parts you avoid, etc.?

Photography by Ace T. Cosplay & Photography
J: That's a hard question.  But I think the one thing to remember is that there's something there for
everyone.  You want to learn about anime/TV shows/comic books/etc?  There are panels for that.

You want to buy a bunch of cool stuff?  Conventions usually have awesome dealer rooms.

You want to cosplay for your first time?  Awesome, do it.

I think my favorite part about cons is that, for the most part, there's very little judgment.  Everyone is super open and welcoming and meeting new people is a breeze because everyone is there for the same thing, you know?

I guess the part I avoid coincides with that, and that's the people who try to start drama.  It happens in any circle, so it's not like a shock that it happens, but there are a lot of people who have egos over playing dress up, which, when you put it in writing, looks just as silly as the concept of it is.  But, like I said, I try to avoid it and just have a good time.  Life's too short!

C: What are your current "dream" cosplays, and do you have any plans to tackle them soon? Why or why not?

J: My current dream cosplays would have to be Fierce Deity Link from Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Gambit from Marvel's X-Men, and Red Hood/Jason Todd from DC Comics' Red Hood and the Outlaws.

I am currently in the process of making Fierce Deity Link and Red Hood, and I will be making Gambit sometime in the future.  And, you know, all three are relatively simple cosplays on paper.  They aren't full armor or any massive sewing or prop-making, but I think, at least for me, they're dream cosplays because they're my favorite characters, not because of how complicated they are.

So, they're my dreams because I want to do them justice, like, do the characters justice.  I want to fully embody that character, not just be like "Eh, yeah I guess I tried on this, but I'm not happy with it."

I will actually be wearing Fierce Deity Link for my first time ever on Saturday of Tampa Bay Comic-Con!  So I'm pretty excited for that.

Photography by Papanotzzi
Thanks, John!

Find Moderately Okay on Facebook, and keep an eye open for him at TBCC!

Pre-con interview: Leaping Lizard Cosplay

This weekend, MyGeekery is heading to Florida for our first Tampa Bay Comic Con, where we'll (hopefully!) get to meet tons of new awesome people. For those of you who can't make it, we wanted to spotlight a couple of the con's coolest cosplay guests...starting with the fantastic Liz of Leaping Lizard Cosplay. Courtney touched base with Liz last week to ask a few cosplay/con-related the result beneath the cut!

Photography by NBMA Photography

Ant-Man has arrived...and our excitement is not small scale!

I have been awaiting Ant-Man for a LONG time. I have enjoyed all the hype and unique marketing techniques deployed by Marvel, and now the time has finally arrived to see this small scale superhero on the big screen. Now, this is just my reaction to the movie, but I'll do my best to keep out any spoilers for those who haven't seen it yet.

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