Who we are

MyGeekery was created in 2013 as a one-stop shop to "Clothe Your Inner Geek". Since then, our artists have crafted a slew of geeky t-shirts, posters, decals, and more, and worked with folks to make custom designs that suit their geeky needs and then some. We're currently located in central Ohio, but we trek to conventions in galaxies near and far, far away with our fare, and have a blast doing it.

We love what we do, but designing cool clothes and sharing them with cool people at cool conventions didn't completely scratch our geeky itch, so to speak. We wanted to plunge deeper into the community - talk to the cosplayers, the comic artists, the prop makers, the Trekkies and the Browncoats and the anime-lovers and everyone in between. The people like us, who come out of their shells when you start talking to them about the things they love and the fandoms that make them happy.

Thus, the MyGeekery blog was born. A place for us to...well. Geek out.

Here, you'll find movie and game reviews and trailer reveals, interviews with folks in the biz of being geeky, vlogs and vines, convention coverage, cool product highlights, and maybe even the occasional really bad geeky pun. You've been warned.


Eric is the co-owner and producer of MyGeekery. Eric runs day-to-day operations, such as producing orders and handling sales and marketing and public relations, but he's also our chief con-goer. If you visit us at a con, you'll know him by his Jayne Cobb hat, which travels everywhere with him, as he is a massive Firefly fan. Actually, a massive Joss Whedon fan in general. And Marvel.

Sharayah , co-owner, designer, and masterful-idea-machine, is a geek of all trades. She builds cosplays that you can occasionally see at our conventions, and a lot of them come straight from her favorite things: Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, Stargate/Wars/Trek, gaming (she's currently on a huge Mass Effect kick), and rabidly reading everything Brandon Sanderson. Or just everything.

Courtney's official title is "resident wizard". She blogs, social medias, designs many of our shirts...but when she's not doing that, she's authoring her YA steampunk series or cosplaying with the George-to-her-Fred, Sharayah. Lord of the Rings is her first fandom love, but Harry Potter, Zelda, and Merlin are all near and dear to her heart, along with anything and everything Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon.