Interview: The Sisters Mischief

We're giant fans of family cosplay here at MyGeekery...not least of all because some of our family does it!

If you've been tracking with us, especially at our conventions, you may have heard us mention The Sisters Mischief. Well, full disclosure: two of the five sisters help out around here, and have even run our booth. That said, we thought it was time to feature them. Well. Some of them; there are five, after all, and sometimes it's a little hard to tell them apart.

Read our interview with 3/5 of The Sisters Mischief - Ara, WonWon, and Yumi - below the cut!

So how did you all stumble into cosplay as a hobby?

Ara: Well, after I came home from serving in Iraq, Siffy and I had a long list of things we wanted to try, and it included going to one of these conventions we'd heard so much about.  I was living in Savannah at the time, so drove to DragonCon and entered this crazy world. I think all the pictures we have from that weekend of us posing with people in costume we have on the same expression of over-the-top excitement and wonder.  Who were all these people? Why were they so elaborate? Were these like professional people, or just regular people like us? Wait - could we do it?  Nah, it'd be too hard.  But then we started exploring online and realized that there was a whole community of people out there sharing techniques, tutorials, ideas, pictures...  and we realized that with some help, we could give it go too.
What's your favorite part about going to a convention together?

WonWon: My favorite part is probably when we do a group cosplay (Jedi Disney Princesses, How to Train Your Dragon, The Avengers) and just walk around together. It's awesome bonding time and we always end up having a blast, despite the wardrobe malfunctions and discomfort. It especially makes me proud of my sisters when I see all the hard work and time they put into their costumes getting recognition. But honestly, just being together, whether we are in costume or not, or eating Schwarma on the floor in the Food Court, or sitting in on a panel makes every con I've gone to some of the most memorable times of my life!

What do you think the hardest part vs. the best part of cosplay in general is, for you?

Yumi:  The hardest thing is being halfway done and realizing you can't finish it because you don't know how or don't have what you need. The best thing...just seeing the finished product and wearing it for the first time!

If you were all to divvy up parts to be made in a cosplay, who would do what?

Ara: All of us have done the various parts of a cosplay at one point or another, but each of us has strengths and weaknesses, things we really enjoy doing and the parts that we dread.  For me, I enjoy the props most of all.  They were the first thing I ever started on (Thor's hammer and Captain America's shield) and I was hooked. I also really enjoy leather work.  Siffy is great at patterning, sewing, and figuring how to make things fit together (like armor).  Wonwon is good with wigs (and real hair, she's cut all ours at one point or another!) and painting.  And Yumi... well, she's still figuring out her niche.  She's been learning how to sew, she helped work on her Spartan armor last year and her Malon costume this year...we'll see what happens!
How would you explain some of the unexpected ups and downs of cosplay to someone who's never tried it?

WonWon: When you put on that last piece to your costume and walk into a convention or an event, it is an extremely exciting and satisfying feeling, despite all the trial and error, the tears, and the hot glue gun scars that come along with making costumes. Cosplaying can be intimidating and hard to get motivated for, especially when you feel inexperienced or see so many other talented cosplayers out there. But I don't think people give themselves enough credit (I know I don't). As long as you are willing to devote time and a ton of patience, cosplaying can be extremely fun! It's an awesome feeling walking into a convention knowing that you gave it your all to make your costume. It's even more exciting when people give you recognition for your work or (my personal favorite) when little kids come up to you and give you hugs and ask for a picture with you.

What's been your favorite cosplay experience to date?

Ara: I'd have to say Kili at DragonCon last year - hanging out with Siffy as Fili, we had so much fun acting like dwarves.  And then we went to the 70's dance party as dressed-down dwarves, and that was both fun and hilarious. Kind of like all the great times we've had as Fred and George at the Yule Ball, acting like total lunatics. I guess dancing is the common denominator there...

What cosplays are currently on your immediate to-do list?

Yumi: A Titan from Destiny, a fem!Hawkeye, and Elsa's coronation gown!

You can follow the Sisters' adventures at their Facebook page

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