Pre-con interview: Leaping Lizard Cosplay

This weekend, MyGeekery is heading to Florida for our first Tampa Bay Comic Con, where we'll (hopefully!) get to meet tons of new awesome people. For those of you who can't make it, we wanted to spotlight a couple of the con's coolest cosplay guests...starting with the fantastic Liz of Leaping Lizard Cosplay. Courtney touched base with Liz last week to ask a few cosplay/con-related the result beneath the cut!

Photography by NBMA Photography

C: What's your favorite/least favorite part of making a new cosplay?

L: When first starting a new cosplay, I love gathering all of the materials. Here is the point where I'm essentially starting with a pile of nothing, knowing that at the end of it, I'm going to create something that will entertain people and pay homage to the things that I love.

My least favorite part is easily wigs. Wigs honestly bewilder me. They are this gravity defying monsters to work with, but a necessary evil for completing my look.

Photography by Short Fuse Pinups
C: What would you tell someone who might want to try cosplay, but is intimidated to start?

L: DO NOT LET ANYTHING HOLD YOU BACK! Cosplay whatever you want. (Except Hitler... Don't cosplay Hitler or any Nazi's... That's just wrong. :D)

I know a lot of people can be insecure and nervous about receiving criticism. For anyone reading this, you are a beautiful individual and please cosplay what you desire. Your physical appearance is an art form and does not limit you to choosing things. Cosplay is about becoming anyone or anything. If anyone tells you otherwise, brush it off. I do not consider the opinions of individuals I am not emotionally invested in. They don't consider mine, so what's the point in taking on someone else's negativity.

I tell everyone to do me one favor when they cosplay and that is to make sure they are having fun! If you are not having fun, you are doing it all wrong. Take a step back, breathe, and carry on.

I have to also say to someone exploring cosplay that you must understand that this community is very accepting, and it doesn’t matter if you purchase your cosplay, modify clothing, or sew it from scratch. It’s about meeting like-minded people and having fun. Just have fun, be nice, make friends, and stay positive. :D Cosplay is a community that will let you thrive in this sort of environment if you allow it. That’s why I keep coming back.

And lastly, if you’ve got any questions, then come harass me!  :D I love to help anyone and everyone in this amazing hobby. If I can’t find the answer, I know I can find someone who can.

Photography by Gary Willey
C: What cons have you hit/will you hit this year? Any favorites? And are there any dream conventions you hope to get to one day?

L: Here is my  lineup for the rest of this year! :D I have more that I may attend this year, but these are the confirmed ones as of right now. I regularly update my line up on my website here.

Space Coast Comic Con
Cape Canaveral, Fl
September 12-13th, 2015
Cosplay guest.

San Antonio, Texas
October 10th, 2015
Cosplay guest, judge, and panelist.

Fort Walton Beach, Fl
November 6-8th, 2015
Cosplay guest, judge, and panelist

As far as favorite conventions go, each convention I attend has something to offer that's special. It's honestly hard to choose one. I just recently had a blast at Florida Supercon and highly recommend that everyone should attend it. :D

As for dream conventions to attend, SDCC, NYCC, Wizard World Seattle, and Pax East. I'm very excited to announce that I will be attending SDCC next year. It's been a dream convention of mine for a long time and I'm thrilled to finally be able to attend. :D My goal is to travel to more out of state conventions.

Thanks, Liz!

To follow Liz on her adventures, find her on Facebook, and check out her blog and site!

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